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Hartmut Rosendahl Engineering offers engineering services in all phases of the system development process, starting with brainstor­ming up to systematic realisation; with the specific services as follows:


  • Systems-Engineering including development of system-functions
  • Drive-Tests, Validation, Vehicle-Integration
  • Project-Management, built up and lead of teams, Interim Management
  • Consulting the developments of electronic braking systems and vehicle control systems for trucks and buses

Focus is on the development of complex mechatronic systems for commercial vehicles, busses and automotive, e.g. electronic braking systems and vehicle control systems including the interaction with hybrid drive systems, e-mobility and motor-sport. 

Another field of my services is GreEnerbility (Green Energy Mobility), that means full CO2-free e-mobility by integrating renewable ennergy, smart grid and e-mobility.


Systems-Engineering, development of system-functions:


  • Analyse system-requirements and requirements of the system-functions
  • Brainstorming or moderating of workshops in order to create ideas or analyse and solve problems
  • Development and design of concepts and systematic pre-selection of best concepts
  • Design of (vehicle-)system-architecture and -interfaces
  • Definition of the requirements of the sub-systems/components
  • Definition of system-control-functions
  • Implementation and application of the system-control-functions
  • Functional tests (simulation and drive-tests)
  • Evaluation and documentation of test results  
  • Collaboration of system development with other development functions as software, design, test, ... or organisational units as purchasing, marketing, ...


Drive-Tests, Validation, Vehicle-Integration:


  • Drive-Tests on special test-tracks or public roads (including also winter drive-tests in Finland, Sweden, .. )
  • Evaluation of the system-performance according objective and subjective criterias
  • Analysing test-results and development of concepts for improving
  • Creating test-reports, presentation of the results etc.
  • Application, integration of the system and its components into the test environment (test-vehicle)
  • Application of systems at the customer


Project-Management, built-up and lead of teams, Interim Management:



  • Leading multi-skilled, international and global (project-)teams
  • Definition, planning and control of projects
  • Planning of budgets, resources, investments, timing
  • Definition of product-specification
  • Design and evaluation of innovative concepts
  • Project-control and -reporting
  • Audits and project-reviews
  • Interface between customer and internal functions
  • Realisation of internal and external customer needs
  • Presentation of concepts, results, products, … at internal and external customers
  • Development of multi-skilled teams including resource planning, hiring, coaching
  • Creation of collaborating, complementary teams including multi-engineering-skills, multi-soft-skills, multi-culture (software, design, system, test, ... ;  marketing, production, purchase, ... ; developer, worker, organiser, creator, ... ; European, Asian, American, ... )  


Special Services:


Consulting the development of advanced braking systems for trucks and buses


I have more than 20 years of experience in the development of advanced braking systems for commercial vehicles and buses.


Leading teams and projects, I was part of  the development team of the Electronic Braking System (EBS), the worlds first “Brake-by-Wire” system widely used in series production. I started in the brainstorming phase, continued in pre-development, series development, series release and field applications.


Moreover, I lead the development of Electro Mechanical Braking Systems and Electronic Parking Braking Systems.


Since I would allow myself  to call me an expert in brake-by-wire braking systems and vehicle control systems for trucks and buses, I can offer my knowledge and experience to help your company in the development of such systems or the application of such systems in your trucks (of course limited to the free part of the knowledge that does not infringe the rights of the companies I worked in).


This might be in a way of working within a given development organisation to define the specifications of the systems or helping the development itself if your company wants to develop such a system etc.


If you want to apply such a system from one of the suppliers, I can help by definition of the specification of the system and the boundaries, interfaces etc.  according your needs, coordinating discussions and negotiations with the suppliers etc.



  • Organisation/coordination of winter-tests (I spend in a time period of 20 years altogether 1.5 years     in winter-tests at the polar circle in Finland and Sweden)  
  • Organisation/coordination of motor-sport-teams (I have 20 years experience in motor-sport)


Protection of intellectual property rights, patents:

  • Identification patentable parts of the developments
  • Definition of the patentable part
  • Support of the creation of the patent application by the patent engineer

(You can find more than 200 entries in of the „Deutsches Patentamt“ under my name)


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